Septic Tank Repairs


Are your toilets clogged or backing up with sewage? If so, this may indicate a problem with your septic tank.

Lee’s Sanitation Service can help. We specialize in septic tank repairs.

If you need septic tank repairs, the problem can get worse quickly. We will come to your location as quickly as possible to assess your problem and repair what is broken.

While a septic tank is a relatively simple unit that is typically very reliable, there are parts called baffles inside the two openings of the tank. The baffles ensure that waste only flows one way through the openings – in through the inlet, and out through the outlet. If the baffles break, they can stop working correctly, allowing sewage to back up into the home – or keeping waste water from draining into the tank. We also install risers, so you never have to dig up your septic tank lids again.

Whatever the problem, we will find it and complete your septic tank repairs quickly.

Call us today to discuss your problem and get your septic tank repaired and working again.

Auburn Septic Tank Repair


Lee’s Sanitation Service has been providing expert septic system repair services to residents of the Auburn, WA area, since 1950.

Septic tank repair can often be an emergency job in order to deal with urgent hygiene and health issues affecting the house. Septic system problems are very unwelcome and can totally disrupt the smooth running of a household, requiring expert septic tank repair services.

Our experienced technicians always work their way through the issues in a professional manner, fixing all septic tank problems and satisfying our customers in Auburn. Septic tank repair in Auburn can be critical and time consuming, so we recommend you call us as soon as a septic tank repair issues is recognized.

Call us for:

  • Clean and aesthetic septic tank repair in Auburn
  • Installation of sewage pumps and pipes
  • Septic system repairs at an affordable price
  • Septic system problems consultation
  • Cleaning and maintenance job in Auburn

Auburn Septic System Repair


We are one of the premier companies for septic system repair in Auburn. With our septic system repair service, you get assistance related to septic waste, tank clean-up, drain field problems and more.

Whether you need to install a sewage pump or repair existing sewage system, we ensure your septic system repair job is done to your satisfaction. Once you have given us the job of septic tank repair or septic system repair in Auburn, we make sure we solve all your septic system problems and provide you with a clean septic system.

Things to expect:

  • Septic system repair and advice from experts
  • New budget ideas regarding sewage system repairs
  • Septic system repair according to your budget
  • Solving all septic system problems in Auburn

Auburn Septic System Problems


Septic system problems can crop-up any time, so it helps to know a reliable septic system repair company. We are one of the most sought after septic tank repair services serving Auburn and our happy customers are a testimony to our outstanding solutions for septic system problems. We offer dedicated and expert septic tank repair solutions.

Reasons to hire our septic system repair company:

  • Experience in solving septic system problems in Auburn
  • Expertise in solving septic system problems in Auburn
  • Affordable price for fixing septic system problems in Auburn
  • Custom solutions for septic system problems in Auburn

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service today to solve your sewage and sanitation problems in Auburn. For all of your septic system problems including septic tank repair and septic system repair, call the experts at (253) 777-1750.

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